OECD introduces Analytical Database on Individual Multinationals and Affiliates (ADIMA)

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July 25th, 2019

Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) have been at the forefront of changes in the global economy over the last few decades, as trade and investment barriers have been removed and transportation and communication costs have declined. In a world of global value chains, understanding MNEs – where they are, how they operate, and where they pay taxes – has never been more important. However, surprisingly few official statistics are currently available on individual MNEs.

To fill this gap the OECD has begun to develop a new database – the Analytical Database on Individual Multinationals and Affiliates (ADIMA) – using a number of open “big data” sources that can provide new insights on individual MNEs and their global profiles.

What is ADIMA

ADIMA has four components: 

  • Physical Register: Offering a comprehensive view of each MNE and its subsidiaries.
  • Digital Register: Showing all websites belonging to each MNE.
  • Indicators: Providing harmonised data at the global level for each MNE.
  • Monitor: Identifying events like large company restructurings that can give early warnings of potential significant impacts on trade, GDP and FDI data. 

This information already covers 100 of the world’s largest MNEs, and more will be added in future releases.

Finding the Data    Statistical Insights

Source: OECD

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