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TPA Global has been a trusted partner for corporations of all shapes and sizes active in the following industries:
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Value Chain Analysis

Value chain analysis (that emerged as mandatory component of global master files after the OECD BEPS initiative in 2016), is a tool that has much wider consequences than mere compliance.
From strategy to risk management, a carefully developed and sound value chain analysis backed by quantifiable data is key to being in control in this dynamic environment.
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Digital Economy

Digital economy does not just impact the way businesses are conducted but also how and where they are taxed.
TPA Global has remained trusted advisor of multiple digital economy based corporations for a number of years and our Eindhoven office located strategically in the Dutch ‘golden triangle of corporate innovation’ caters specifically to the needs of digitally disrupted businesses.
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Industry Specific Solutions | VCA | Digital Economy

Transforming the World of Tax

With digitalization every industry is changing

In this dynamic environment, it is crucial to know exactly where value is created in a company to be able to identify the impact of technology on businesses. While evaluating the degree of digital invasion into your industry may seem to be a matter of strategy, it is also crucial for your intercompany margins.

For instance, assume you are an apparel manufacturer involved in sales through physical stores and outlets who has entered into an APA for five years to fix an intercompany margin approximating to 3% of your overall value chain for a distributor in your company. How will you be able to honor that agreement if in five years’ time, due to increased online sales (reducing the distributor/retailer costs and, therefore, margins), your overall value chain margin is sliced in half?

This is why the “tax” function belongs in the boardroom, to test each strategic move from a risk management perspective.

Issues such as these are now common and unique to each industry after digitalisation has set in and this is where TPA excels. We carry years of experience in understanding traditional and digitalised value chains of businesses, moulding industry specific solutions and advising companies on global tax risk management.

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