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August 20th, 2019

TPA Global and Cygnet Infotech, a multinational  IT company based in India, are enlarging their scope of services to the European market for VAT solutions through a strategic alliance. Within  this  alliance, Cygnet Infotech  will  deliver  the  technology  and TPA Global the VAT know-how.

Cygnet  Infotech IT offerings consist of a range of VAT applications and development services. One of their applications  is R7VAT. R7VAT is an automated VAT engine, successfully implemented for many MNEs and governments in the UAE and India.

R7VAT Technology Features

• Flexible ERP data extraction through XML formats, or the Cygnet developed and proprietary SSIS tool
• Robotic data retrieval
• Real-time control over your VAT data
• Automated preparation of VAT returns, Intrastat reports, and creation of invoices
• Digital signing of reports and invoices
• Performance of data outlier analysis

Your Benefits

• Understand your VAT data real-time, correct for mistakes and optimize your VAT return cycle
• Track your global VAT position, improve cash flow, manage working capital and reduce financing costs
• Reduce mistakes and avoid possibly expensive corrections
• Reduce staff cost associated to with preparation of VAT returns, Intrastat reports, etc.
• Improve SOX controls by digital signing of reports, invoices, etc.
• Create clear audit trails and tax audit ready files


Please feel free to contact our specialists team to provide you all key benefits of this great VAT Technology solution:

Marc Zaal
Partner, TPA Global
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
+31 20 894 2559

Maria Grigoryeva
Senior Associate, TPA Global
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
+31 20 262 2981

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